Realize Democracy is a blog dedicated to discussing actionable, collective activities to take the vast power and financial wealth that has been amassed in the government and in Wall Street and putting that power and wealth back in the hands, minds and pockets of the rest of the people who make up this country. In order to realize democracy: the Supreme Court decision Citizens United must be over-turned; election campaign funding must come from public funds; term limits must be imposed on the House and Senate; impeachment must be exercised on the next president who violates the law; and the national budget must give equal weight and funding to education, health/human services, infrastructure/interior and the military.

In order for true democracy to realized and enjoyed by “we the people,” we must work together now to dismantle the tools/institutions that the elite has put in place in order to perpetuate their power and advance their interests. NO politician and NO political party will ever do these things voluntarily because it is not in their self interest. We cannot rely on our hope in their promises because they never deliver what they promise and what is in our best interest. We the people must work together to discover and implement strategies to dismantle these tools/institutions in order that our interests can be served. We’ve got to take the power back. We’ve got to take the power back before it is too late. We’ve got to take the power back now.