Are we “Enlightening?”

In this world, there are two kinds of magic at work. Black magic is used by those entities that seek power over others and power over the world. White magic is used by entities that wish to bring more peace and goodness into the world for everyone. Black magic has always been wielded by the powerful. Thereby black magic has cast it shadow exponentially over the entire planet.

While there exists a period in human history called the Enlightenment, people were not really significantly enlightened during this period. They just started using science properly to discover explanations for the world through experimentation, analysis and comparison. Through this methodical scientific thinking arose institutions built on the experiences of trial and error. Through this methodical scientific thinking arose the idea of representative democracy. By doing the experiments and making inevitable mistakes and then re-crafting ideas with modified experiments the world evolved slightly from monarchies to so called democratic governments whose real power supposedly lay in the governing bodies of popularly elected representatives. Black magicians flocked to fill the seats of the representative bodies since there was power there to take for themselves. Where the representative bodies lacked fail-safes to protect the bodies from nepotism and lifetime tenure, the black magicians were able to overwhelm the bodies. Once the bodies were overwhelmed with power-seekers, the power-seekers closed up loopholes and created mores and norms that would allow themselves and their fellows to stay in the bodies indefinitely in order that they could wield their black magic over the populations they were elected to represent.

The bodies rotted with corruption and rancor. The bodies rotted because stubborn old ideas clung to the stubborn old men who wielded power and who were virtually impossible to unseat. The bodies rotted because the battleground of ideas necessary for a vibrant democracy was winnowed down to a narrow liner spectrum ranging from conservative to liberal. The old adage, “If you are not liberal when you are young, you lack heart and if you are not conservative when you are old, you lack brains” rang through theses bodies and became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The membership of representatives was always older than the populations they represented and therefore the bent of the bodies became increasingly conservative.

The period of true human enlightenment is just beginning. People have awoken to find that their elected representatives really do not represent people but rather represent the interests of themselves and the political elite class. People are realizing that they are not children who need to be led by the hand by patrician representatives. People are beginning to figure out how to utilize the tools that have developed over time to dig themselves out of the burden that are their tax and power hungry governments. Practitioners of white magic are being born everyday to counteract the black magicians who are devouring our world. White magic practitioners outnumber black magic practitioners 100 to 1 and therefore have only to use their overwhelming number to cast light onto the black magic shadow enveloping our world. Freedom from black magic is not probable but it is possible.


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