New book: “The Case for Impeachment”

Allan Lichtman, an American University history professor, gained national attention last year when he predicted that Trump would win the presidency and then would be impeached.

His new book, that comes out this Tuesday, The Case for Impeachment, outlines eight possible reasons to impeach Trump.

Many of these have been discussed in previous posts on this blog here and here and here.

Lichtman’s most novel argument is that Trump could be impeached for a “crime against humanity” based on his refusal to take action on climate change.

“I think the Russian connection would be the most likely source of impeachment,” Lichtman said. “There sure is a lot of smoke. And my own suspicion is there’s some kind of fire that’s producing this smoke. Whether it’s serious enough to warrant impeachment, we don’t know yet.”

Lichtman has apparently accurately predicted every presidential race since 1982. I pray to the beneficent powers that be that his prediction about impeachment is as accurate.

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