Keep focus on 2018 mid-term elections

The reason that the 2018 electorate must be mobilized is because Trump is a reactionary who is not smart enough or educated enough or strategic enough to conduct foreign policy that will be in the long-term, best interests of the U.S.

The Trump impeachment process is moving far too slow because both houses of Congress are packed tight with Republicans who lack the will to expeditiously investigate, impeach and if necessary prosecute Trump. Apparently, Trump is having enough fun making mischief in his Oval Office and at Mar-A-Lago that he isn’t resigning.

Meanwhile, Trump is at the helm of U.S. foreign policy and he has the ability to sink this ship. Trump is self-proclaimedly ignorant of history and international politics. And yet he has his little fingers on the trigger.

Last night, 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at an airbase in Syria. Trump just decided in two days to dramatically escalate our involvement in Syria (an act of war) based on a visceral reaction to images of Syrian’s who were gassed by Assad.

Yes, Assad is a vicious, genocidal dictator and he should be removed. But, Trump is not the man to remove him because Trump is not qualified by any standard to make major foreign policy decisions and he does not care about the long term interests of the U.S. and it’s citizens. Yes, Russia is supporting Assad and is on the wrong side of history for doing so. But, the U.S. is in no position to get into a proxy war with Russia, because we are militarily overcommitted as it is. Yes, the U.S. notified Russia that this missile strike was imminent and gave them time to get off the airbase. But, there were Russians on the airbase that was attacked. Russians. From one of the other two world superpowers.

If Assad or Putin lay more bait for Trump and Trump goes for the bait, then Trump could get us mired into another decades long military conflict with no resolution other than inflate our national debt by many more trillions of dollars. If Trump gets the chance for all out war, you better believe he will take it, because he has nothing to loose personally and he doesn’t give a shit about the American people or the Syria people or anyone else who will suffer.

No one wants Mike Pence as president and certainly no one wants Rex Tillerson or Paul Ryan as the president either. However, the reason that we reject these three is because of their dark and ugly ideologies. But they appear to at least act rationally and cautiously by weighing options and choosing the best long-term courses of action.

While all of this news is flying at us at lighting speed we must keep our eyes on the prize–the 2018 elections where we can turn this game around! If we keep all of the media and NGO/org. resources focused on the blunders and tweets of Trump, then 2018 will be here and the necessary constituencies will not be mobilized to stop Trump.

Please email and/or op-ed your favorite news sources to start focusing on solutions to our current national disaster (2018 mid-term elections) and to stop focusing on Trump’s and his underlings’ petulant, distracting farces.

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