Democrats DOA. Bernie Create a New Party Now

Yesterday, the Democratic party signed its own death warrant. For the position of Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, was defeated by former Obama administration Labor Secretary Tom Perez. Keith Ellison was endorsed by Bernie Sanders and the progressive wing of the Democratic party. Tom Perez was the choice of the establishment Democrats including Hillary Clinton.

Bernie was the only candidate that could have defeated Trump. All of the polls showed that in a race against Trump, Bernie would do better that Hillary. Many people who voted for Trump have stated that they would have voted for Bernie if he had been running for president. Bernie could have carried the traditional Blue states that turned Red when faced with voting for Hillary.

After hacked DNC emails were made public, it was shown that the DNC had actively sabotaged Bernie’s campaign in favor of Hillary’s. Bernie took that whipping and started shilling “we must unite to defeat Trump” for the same party that cost him the endorsement. I lost a lot of respect for Bernie for not whole-heartedly condemning the DNC and denouncing them as frauds.

The fact is that the Democratic party is on it knees begging to be put out of its misery. Only 16 out of 50 governors are Democrats (1 is Independent). Only out 12 of 50 state legislatures are Democratically controlled (6 are split). From their policies and voting records and donors, most Democrats are indecipherable from Republicans. Democrats are the little brothers of the Republicans, chasing them around with wide-eyed expressions of amazement on their faces while they meekly try to do things a little differently so that they can still assert their independence from them. Republicans are the bigs dogs who can always send the Democrats running with their tails between their legs with a bark or a bite.

With yesterday’s vote, the Democratic party has shown that it does not have enough honest self-reflection to save itself, from itself. While Bernie still has any cache and the movement that he created has some momentum, he must turn his back on the losers who turned their backs on him. Bernie needs to step up and start the new progressive party.

Historically, third parties have taken a beating and no one has taken them very seriously. However, historically no one took Donald Trump very seriously because he took constant beatings as a businessman and yet he became president of the U.S. We are in a time of great political upheaval where anything is possible.

Before Bernie is dead and more importantly before the 2018 elections, a new, narrowly-focused national progressive party must be created with Bernie’s blessing (and possibly as its interim leader) and sweep the nation. Even if this is wishful thinking and it is impossible to make awe inspiring gains in just 2 years, a new progressive party is our only hope for real, radical change in the future.

Contact Bernie in any way you can and tell him the Democratic party is dead. Then tell him its not enough to be Independent when Independent just means freely moving between two busted parties. Tell him real change will only come through a strong, unified, principled new party that focuses on: campaign finance reform, protecting people from climate change, real minority and gender equality, and reallocating military resources to high quality free education and healthcare.


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