Pete Buttigieg for DNC Chair: Not on this platform

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend Indiana is throwing his hat in the ring for chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). His just put out a video on his Facebook page “I am running for chair.” The timidity and lack of strong focus shown in Buttigieg’s video is just what is wrong with the Democratic party.

He is running on the platform that the Democrats need a “fresh start,” because “Right now as Democrats we are at our lowest level of national, state and local influence in nearly a century.” He definitely has this part right.

However the policy positions that he asserts are no different than what the weak, reactionary Democratic leadership is currently proposing. Here is what he proposes. Democrats need “a fresh start.” Democrats need to defend our freedoms against dishonest banking practices, student debt and politically motivated restrictions on women’s healthcare. He states Democrats must be true to their moral foundation “from wages to voting rights”; resist attacks on affordable healthcare; and “stand up to politicians who want to break up families.” He concludes that Democrats must be the party of the future i.e. winning elections and “protecting the values that define our party.” Unfortunately, neither he nor the DNC know what the values that define the party are.

“Fresh Start” sounds like a catchy name for a whole foods type superstore rather than how one should approach and begin to fix the complete and utter failure of the DNC to serve the interests of and hold onto the support of the vast majority of Americans who used to be its base. If he wants to move the DNC in a new, winning direction, he should go straight for the jugular and say that the DNC lost the White House by working against Bernie and for Hillary.

If he wants to convince the DNC that he can win a majority of motivated Americans to vote Democratic he should come out with a more wild-haired, crazy-eyed agenda for America. America needs a vision right now, not calm, brotherly reassurances. Right now Americans do not trust people that seem trustworthy. America wants and needs mad men and mad women to espouse and follow through with a strong, sustainable plan for the future of America.

If the Democrats stand a chance in 2018 and 2020, then they need to get on board with Bernie and Bernie’s crew. Bernie Sanders did what no one thought he could do by giving Hillary a breathtaking run for her money during the primaries. Bernie Sanders spoke to young people about the future and he shouted his message unapologetically. The DNC needs the invigorating energy and radical agenda of Bernie or they will continue to get slaughtered by the Republicans.

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