Don’t feed trump’s ego

It is easy to steal trump’s thunder before he can throw the first bolt—take away some of his spotlight. Protestors should boycott the inauguration as their biggest protest. And then be completely media silent about it being a protest. The only thing that trump loves more than himself is more of himself. His media coverage, the rebroadcasting of his tweets on every network twenty times a day is porn to him. Every time the angry man-child opens his mouth the media rebroadcasts it and he eats it up. And the only thing trump loves more than a tweet is an angry tweet against his adversaries.

The less that the media has to say about trumps adversaries the better. The less that there is media surrounding the differences between the Trumpees and trump protesters the more the trump brand is devalued. The best way to weaken him is to give the media one less trump inspired thing to talk about. The media will have to keep reporting on trump, but give them one less thing to blather on about and hype.

Also consider that many of trump’s most vehement supporters are expecting a good fight or riot or at least confrontation. If protestors fail to show up then many trump supporters will be disappointed that their adrenaline or testosterone or whatever won’t get to climax.

Word should be spread about boycotting the inauguration but those participating in boycotting should not talk to media about it unless it is a tactic for getting more people to boycott. Complete media blackout.

For those who are concerned that protesting shows protest and shows dissent, (which are important) Hillary Clinton undisputedly got 2.3 million more votes than Trump and every media source worth their salt has reported it as such. This is the humiliating fact that trump’s supporters have to live with. Tens of thousands of protestors at inauguration is not going to have a more dramatic effect on the human psyche than the number 2.3 million.

The most important things now are protecting our communities for some of the social or economic chaos that is sure to follow; strengthening the balance of power by electing non-Republicans; and preparing for the legal battles that surely lie ahead. But people who are not community organizers or politicians or lawyers are critical to the success of community organizers and politicians and lawyers. Being decent (or even kind) to your fellow human no matter who they are or where they are from and discussing and spreading information about the importance to democracy of checks and balances (which is impossible when the Executive and Congress and the Supreme Court are Republican) to a couple of people by working it into conversations one day a week are two meaningful ways to promote change.

For those who prefer a spirited rally, consider, instead of protesting at the inauguration or holding “anti-“rally elsewhere on inauguration day, maybe the best way to take some of the steam out of the trump hot air balloon and to really take power from his administration, is to hold a conference/conclave/rally immediately to take immediate steps overturn the balance of power in the House and Senate by getting non-Republicans elected to more effectively check the Executive power.

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