10 Ways Trump has already let down his supporters

Disclaimer: I was not and am not a Trump supporter. I supported Bernie Sanders until he was cuckolded by the DNC. However, I did take note of the ridiculous promises that Trump made that brought his supporters to his feet. Herein are the top 10 Ways Trump has already let down his supporters.

  1. Making nice with Obama;
  2. Stating that he will not seek prosecution of Hillary Clinton;
  3. Not taking a stand against Russian interference in 2016 presidential election;
  4. The Great Trump Wall will actually be a series of walls and fences;
  5. Back-peddling his international trade promise to abolish NAFTA;
  6. Not bringing manufacturing jobs of his own and Ivanka’s products back to the U.S.;
  7. He will not ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. until further notice;
  8. Disavowing white-supremacist groups;
  9. Appointment of Washington elites to his cabinet;
  10. Appointment of Wall Street elites to his cabinet.

Due to their deep and bitter despair, Trump supporters elected someone whom they knew was not like them because they believed that only he cared about them and only he could protect them from foreign invaders, Washington swamp rats and Wall Street fats cats. Because they thought that he had their backs, they rallied and did what no one (except Micheal Moore) thought they could do and elected him.

Now his most vehement supporters are promising a revolution if he doesn’t make good on his campaign promises. While we might be tempted to dismiss these people as far-right fringe nuts, let’s not forget examples past and present where far-right fringe nuts, preying on the dissolution of the masses and enflaming the passions of those masses, have committed grave atrocities.

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