Shake it off Democrats. You need a Plan with Teeth!

This dichotomously discussed piece is authored by an ardent supporter of vibrant multi-party systems. That being said we in the U.S. are currently and for all intents and purposes controlled by the two parties. There is no balance of power if the three branches executive, congress and judiciary are all Republican. There is currently no one to check unbridled Republican audaciousness. Democrats must be ascendent in the House and Senate in the midterms to check the Republican president and the conservative Court and still be able to get things done in government.

Electoral College Republican electors voted for Trump. While there was some stiff resistance to Trump and the idea of a Trump administration from many Republicans  during the primaries and even during the run up to the election, they have all but fallen silent in the media. With the way that the Republican establishment has kept their rank and file in order for the last 20 years, it seems unlikely that the reasonable Republicans in Congress will now feel emboldened to and certainly will have no obligation to compromise with Democrats.

And where have the Democrats been since winning the popular election by a landslide, in recounting votes in critical states, in insisting that the intelligence on foreign influence in this election and in raising every possible argument in favor of Trump divesting of his business holdings in order to eliminate conflicts of interest? Where have they been? It’s a rhetorical question–meant only to bring more emphasis to the fact that NO ONE knows where they have been! They have been hiding, licking their wounds like a bunch of losers. They have been waiting for the Jill Stein to raise the money to recount votes to insure fundamental fairness in our elections! They have been waiting for bipartisan support to demand intra-agency reports on Russian interference in U.S. elections! They have no public plan for systematically evaluating every possible conflict of interest in every country where Trump does business and they have not assembled critical legal arguments to defend their positions!

The Democrats just do not learn. Are they unwilling or unable to evolve and grow and strategize and formulate a winning platform. The paranoid side would say they are unwilling, that the whole two party system is simply a contrived bit of political theatre inspired by Laurel and Hardy and/or the vaudevillian acts from which their schtick evolved. One towering pushy actor bullying the weaker, sniveling, cowardly actor for laughs. Of course the stakes are much higher than laughs but it still seems like two sides of the same coin united for a common purpose. The more rational side might say they are simply unable. They have lost their identity. They do not know if they are for the Main Street or Wall Street and they certainly do not know how to promote an exciting agenda to encompass and promote these two often competing interests. Basically, the Democrats are losers because they keep acting like losers and the only way to change their lot and become  victors is to muscle up, straighten their backs and bare their fangs like Republicans.

Now that the Electoral College voted the time is NOW for Democrats to focus EVERYTHING that the have on the interim elections. They have less than two years to figure out who they are and to package themselves attractively to the electorate. As they should have learned from this election, “I am not that guy” is a losing strategy. Dems must tell people who they are, what they propose to do, and that they are best suited to carry out that agenda because they do what they say they are going to do.

My humble suggestion is that they run on 1) “Trump’s unfulfilled promises and what Dems have done and do to try to get those promises fulfilled,” and 2) “Impeach Trump!”

Trump is already backsliding on many of his worst campaign promises. Thank God. However, there are many other positive things that Trump promised to people, that he will not be able to deliver because of the Republicans unwillingness to fund such endeavors or promote such agendas. Democrats need to note every failure and propose legislation to get people the things that Trump promised and the Congress fails to deliver. They need to make a big, unrelenting humorous stink show in the media every time that Trump’s Republican Congress fails to pass legislation which would positively impact Trump’s base. They need to make media fun and fight like Republicans reducing their criticisms to sound bites that people are ravenous for in real time. They need to take the mask, fake tan and hairpiece off of Trump and feed it to him.

Finally, Trump will be impeachable from day one. In the days and weeks to come those will be spelled out with sound legal theories by many legal theorists and attorneys. However, for now, I state without evidence, but with a gift for and education in deductive reasoning, that: 1) he will be impeachable based on foreign conflicts of interest; and/or 2) for perjury based on lies that he has or will inevitably tell about his conflicts of interest (due to his willingness to lie even when confronted with actual contrary facts). As soon as that happens Democrats must bring criminal charges. Fight to win. Dig in with every available cleaver legal theory no matter how remote. Go after him like your life depends on it. Fight for your life Democrats or short lived may it be.

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