Pray, literally pray, for Electoral College Electors

Please pray for EC Electors to have guidance and courage to protect our great nation from the perilous follies of a Trump administration.

God and anyone who has read my previous two articles know that I am no fan of the Electoral College, it should be relegated to the dustbin of history just like other institutions that were constitutionally sanctioned such as slavery, the inability of women and people of color to vote, etc.

However, the Electoral College is what we have today and on Monday they will vote for the next president of the United States (or enough of them will not vote as pledged, thus denying to elect Trump and leaving the decision to the House). Currently, Trump has 302 pledged electors and Hillary has 232. Therefore, it would only take 38 Electors to make this Electoral College vote the most historic and most constitutional exercise of their immense (to-date dormant) power, ever.

Thirty-eight is the magic number. All people of faith, spirituality and others who believe that a focusing of our universal consciousness and energy can influence events should pray, focus, concentrate, etc. on the number 38 for the next four days until all of the Electors have cast their votes. Also as many people as possible, living in or near states with Republican pledged Electors should stand on the steps of the building where the Electors are set to vote on Monday with direct, strong, silent messages for Republican Electors to vote their consciences. I will be in Harrisburg, PA on the steps of the Chamber of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives with a sign reading “Trump is not good for U.S. Vote your conscience.”

Thirty-eight Republican “faithless electors” could give the election to Clinton by giving her the 270 simple-majority necessary for her to become the president of the U.S. This result could be contested through litigation but any contest of this result would be unsuccessful since Clinton also won the popular election by 2.7 million votes. Actually, if the nine Democrat pledged “Hamilton Electors” follow through with their ill-conceived scheme not to vote for Clinton as pledged, then the number of Republican “faithless electors” necessary to elect Clinton would climb to 47. Since the Hamilton Electors do not appear poised to back down from their plan, those wishing to focus their energies for a Clinton victory should probably visualize and concentrate on the number 47.

In the alternative, thirty-eight Republican “faithless electors” could simply deny Trump the necessary 270 majority by giving him only 269 electoral votes. Then Trump would not have a majority and the election would be decided by the U.S. House of Representatives. This way, Republican Electors would not be committing political treason against their party since, the election result would then be decided by the Republican-controlled House. Many have opined that the Republican controlled House would likely just vote for Trump anyway and therefore this exercise would be futile and is therefore useless. Whether they would vote for Trump is not certain however.

I am focusing on the number 38 for the next 4 days for 3 reasons. First, 47 Republican Electors are not going to commit political suicide, revolt against their party and vote for Clinton. There are after all at least one if not three or four Supreme Court seats at stake in the next four years. Second, at the very least, if Trump is denied the majority of the Electoral college, after being slaughtered in the general election, even if the Republicans in the House vote for him to be President, he will not have the mandate and therefore will not be emboldened to drive some of his worst domestic policies and foreign follies down our throats. His detractors, both Republican and Democrat alike, will by contrast be emboldened to stand up to his administration because they know he is in a precarious political position. Finally, if the Electors can show this much gumption and risk so much for the betterment of our nation, then I strongly believe that the House Republicans will vote for a safer Republican alternative, which is well within their legal and constitutional rights.

38, 38, 38, 38, 38, 38……………………

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